Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Dublin Team Recruitment- Rescheduled to 17th DEC!

For further information contact: andrew@monorex.com

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Secret Wars x OFFSET Battle 2009 (The Low Down)

Team Dublin vs Team OFFSET in The Bernard Shaw

Having introduced the infamous live street art battle to Dublin back in July, Secret Wars picked back up its pens to cause yet another stir in the city. This time round, Secret Wars hosted a very special 3 on 3 battle comprising of Team OFFSET vs. Team Dublin. The event took place in conjunction with the amazing OFFSET weekend in The Bernard Shaw pub and boy was it a night to remember! What can I say- This battle was truly epic in every sense and will be hard to match, especially with the involvement of some super talented artists at this special event. By 8.30pm the crowds came and kept coming until the venue had to call capacity by 10pm! It was another insane night with people queuing outside trying to get in on the action. I believe one guy even climbed the wall at the back of the venue ( um...I wonder what happened to him?!). Inside & outside tunes were banging and the atmosphere in the place was sick. Reeps One also joined in on the buzz and sent the crowd crazy with his amazing beat boxing skills. Team OFFSET pulled in some heavy weights that included THE LONDON POLICE, Serge Seidlitz, Brain Coldrick with guest appearances from Tara McPherson & Brad Downey to lend a hand. The Dublin boys which consisted of Mick Minogue, Steve McCarthy & danleo had it tough! In the end the Dublin boys smashed it putting up a good fight to win over the crowd and judges leaving them victorious 3-0! Go on the Irish!

Big up the amazing OFFSET Team and the organizers of OFFSET for their support!

A thanks goes out to both the DJ's and MC on the night, as well as our sponsors Red Bull & Edding.
Lastly, a massive thanks goes to everyone that showed up and braved the cold to help make this event sick!!

Video filmed & edited by Paul Mahon

Welcome to Secret Wars Dublin- I give you the iconic LADS character from TLP

Reeps warming up in the car park

YES! You are most definitely at a Secret Wars battle

Team OFFSET's, Serge Seidlitz

Chaz from The London Police using some fat ass markers

The paparazzi on the night

Dublin Team member Steve getting stuck in

Mick trying to concentrate

Happy to win the battle are we? (danleo, Mick Minogue)

Spot the "Cleanest, Meanest, Peenus"

Bob, from The London Police

The winning Dublin piece feat. Mick Minogue, danleo & Steve McCarthy

The OFFSET piece feat. London Police, Serge Seidlitz & Brian Coldrick

Photography by Jaysus

"Y-NOT" party!

Secret Wars headed to The Twisted Pepper after the battle to party, stay sober & watch Reeps kill it again with the crowd. The night involved a banging DJ set from Sinden, a few shots with Tara McPherson and hanging with the other OFFSET possy including The London Police. Not gonna lie it was messy, but well worth the sore head in the morning.

Reeps doing his thing, playing support to Sinden

Terry, Greg, Reeps and this amazing dude in the beanie who has the sickest Secret Wars credit card!!

Secret Wars credit card for every child..

Greg its ok you will be getting your own credit card at x-mas

danleo looking ever so sober

The boys

Photography by Jaysus

Monday, 9 November 2009


IRISH Artists wishing to participate please e-mail some images along with some info on yourself to:


We will be holding a Secret Wars Jam next month to select some tight artists to battle HOME & AWAY!!


More details to follow shortly

Sunday, 8 November 2009






After 3 and a half years of single battle series locally in over 20 countries, we have decided to try something different and potentially more exciting for 2010... Introducing the European Warriors series!

"When we started Secret Wars 3 years ago, it was influenced heavily by various things from the Marvel comic, to Warriors and Fight Club. After experiencing the team battles around the World and seeing the benefits of this compared to the singles battles, we decided on trying it as a complete 6-8 month series!"

"I have noticed the crowds are more vocal and patriotic towards team battles - there seems to be more at stake and I love watching the artists free-styling alongside each other.... You never know what will come out the other end!"
Terry Guy (Founder of Monorex and Secret Wars)

The rules are the same but the structure of the competition and dynamics of the battle are slightly different - see below for details.

How the competition will work & when

There will be 8-10 teams/cities involved in next years competition, and each city will select 6 artists to part of a squad. Each team will select 2-3 wildcard entries consisting of previous champs and general bad boys! The remaining members will be picked at the local qualifiers.

City selection events - November / December 09 (Check Secret Wars website for dates)
  • Each city will call out and actively invite people down to jam and show off their skills
  • Draw will take place to decide what team is which group (A or B)
1st Round - Group league qualifiers
  • Two groups of 4-5 teams with the top two teams qualifying
  • Rather than a knockout cup comp, we have decided to make this a little more interesting and maybe fairer - Each game will be a league match with each judge vote and crowd vote worth a point!
  • Each team will play home and away against the others in their group
Semi finals

With the top two teams going through from each group, we will be left with 4 teams.

The winner of GROUP A will play the 2nd place of GROUP B and the winner of GROUP B will play the runners up of GROUP A.


These will also be home and away ties - with the winning team decided on total points earned over the two games. If the points are level than it will be decided by the team who gets the most away points.


This will be hosted at a neutral venue, TBC nearer the time

More info to be announced! watch this space

Apply now if you are interested in being part of a team - you can apply to as many cities as you like.

Possible cities involved:
  • London
  • Dublin
  • Southampton
  • Bristol
  • Dublin
  • Glasgow
  • Malmo
  • Berlin
  • Lisbon
  • Birmingham
  • Cardiff

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Having introduced the infamous live street art battle to Dublin back in July, Secret Wars picks back up its pens for a very special battle.

At 7pm on Friday 6th November, Secret Wars will be hosting a one off clash with OFFSET in The Car Park of The Bernard Shaw. This event will see Secret Wars Dublin battling some of our guest speakers chosen to represent OFFSET.

Originated in London back in March 06’, Secret Wars has been a revelation which has spawned into a cultural movement that is spreading across the globe. Normally held in dark corners of cities such as New York, London & Malmo, artists gather with black paint markers to follow the simple rules of drawing live against each other for 90 minutes. The winners are decided by the reaction of the crowd and the votes of two judges on the battle picture of the artists.

This Dublin battle promises to bring together some amazing & creative talent from both teams. An event not to be missed! Music on the night will come from 2 guest DJ’s and a surprise act from the UK.


FRIDAY 6TH NOVEMBER @ The Bernard Shaw

For more information visit www.iloveoffset.com & www.bodytonicmusic.com

Monday, 12 October 2009

A battle fit for a King

TEAM OFFSET vs Secret Wars Dublin

I'm stoked to say that Secret Wars will be hosting a very special 3 on 3 team battle on Friday the 6th of November in conjunction with OFFSET. This one off battle will be in the Car Park of The Bernard Shaw @ 7pm and will see guest artists chosen to represent OFFSET battling Secret Wars Dublin!

For those that don't know; OFFSET is a 3 day creative conference curated and produced by The Small Print taking place in Dublin over the weekend of Friday 6th - Sunday 8th November. The conference will see a celebration of global creativity and will bring together the best in international & Irish creative talent in graphic design, illustration, street and fine art, film, photography, motion graphics, fashion and much more all taking place in Liberty Hall....

This is gearing up to be a good one...spread the word.

For more info on OFFSET & the line-up visit OFFSET2009.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Video Doc of Dublin vs London

Created by Ben O'Connor -> 6 fingers Production

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Dublin vs London 23rd - 25th July

Secret Wars 3 day tour diary :
For the 1st ever Secret Wars event in Dublin, we could not have asked for anything better. Everyday was packed with something going on between press & just general banter that the London & Irish guys had here. 3 days turned into a whooper weekend of madness which is documented below.
A shout out to all the London boys that came down,
and a massive thanks to Bulmers Light our main sponsor.....

Dublin vs London

Day 1 (Thurs 23rd July)
No resting for the first day. After getting the boys settled in it was straight to business with the first set of radio interviews.

Andrew, Terry & Reeps introducing Ireland to Secret Wars on Phantom FM

Danleo's Secret Wars- Bulmers Light ad outside The Bernard Shaw

Day 2 (Fri 24th July)
What a free day Friday turned out to be! A TV slot on Ireland AM, a commissioned 48 sheet billboard and um.. oh! a radio interview on Spin... just your average day for the guys in Secret Wars. With a start time of 6.30am for Ireland AM everyone was feeling fresh. A few coffee's and 40min later Mr Gauky and Kodax had finished a piece each for the program to air. Terry took to the camera and got interviewed with a cameo appearance from Jay, Reeps and Andrew.

Welcome folks to Ireland AM

Terry loving the camera while Gauky finding it hard to cope without Cinnamon Grahams

Next stop was Westmoreland St in the city centre.
Bulmers Light commissioned us to paint a large moving 48 sheet billboard. The theme the lads had was an adaptation of "Monkey" in which they incorporated the pig and the monkey filling the water demon with Bulmers Light cider. A few rain drops but nothing that the guys couldn't handle- overall piece is sick..

Water demon filled with cider

The billboard caused a stir alright; parked illegally the police came but enjoyed the art on display that he had nothing only but praise to say. Please note no traffic jams were involved in the making of this photo.

Rushing from town to make the interview on Spin 103.8 in time.

Jay, Andrew, Terry & Reeps

Day 3 (Sat 25th July)
Kings of Concrete
Saturday was a mental (in a good way) day for the Secret Wars guys. The day started off being invited to Kings of Concrete down in wood quay. The event had an amazing vibe down there... a shout out to Dave who organised it (well done). This event had B-boys, Skaters, a ton of graff artists doing their thing and loads of energy drinks to keep you wired for a lifetime. Danleo, Mr Gauky and Kodaz worked on a 12ft x 8ft ramp while Reeps killed it, delivering some incredible beatboxing for the spectators.

Reeps introducing himself to the Irish

I see you

Reeps coping with pre battle stress..

SECRET WARS BATTLE in association with Bulmers Light

Dublin vs London battle in The Bernard Shaw
The night turned into a crazy one. Before the battle had begun queues started to form outside and by 9pm the venue was full to capacity. YES FULL (600+) thats how insane it was! A marquee had to be erected out the back to cater to the masses. Thanks to our main sponsor Bulmers Light they provided some cold beverages to everyone which made the night epic. Hip Hop tunes from DJ Mike Waldron also banged out while our MC- Mr Savage kept the crowd well entertained. With 3 top notch Dublin lads against 3 of the craziest London lads ever seen the battle was always gonna be close. With both teams displaying worthy pieces the home team Dublin won 2-1!

Big up the Dublin & London boys

A thanks goes out our main sponsor Bulmers Light and to Edding Pens, All City and a massive thanks to all that came and supported- keep an eye out for the next one.

The queue outside The Bernard Shaw- unaware 600 strong were inside

Gauky faces for everyone (your next Christmas present to someone special)

Kodax getting lost in the crowd

Andrew rocking some Bulmers Light

London team getting stuck in

The Dublin lads

Yes Terry the crowd vote Dublin

Dave announcing the final winners

Reeps doing his thing and making some people um.. excited

Andrew, Reeps, Jay, Terry, and Yorkshires finest Mr Gauky

Dublin winning piece

London Piece

Photogrpahy by Jaysus & Richie Stokes